Dead or Alive – Trending slot machine with more entertainment

In the present gambling world, probably online slot games especially fromthe theme of western style have not been much popular, but recently the slot machine named as “Dead or Alive” becomes more popular. The major reason for its popularity is because of NetEnt who have been changed the attention of western themed slot games and make it more popular among people around the universe. Coming to the Dead or Alive, it’s the cowboy town set with the theme of the windmill, dusty street and lantern-lit tavern. And the major feature in this game is the background score, which is a cowboy movie classic whistling tones that make you get addicted to this. In this slot machine, each and every spin of the reels starts with the terrific gun cocked sound, while updating wager levels and other attributes will gift you with the whip cracking sound. In the graphics part, it proves an ultimate pleasing feature and it can still remain the top against the latest games.

Overview of Dead or Alive

There are a 5 reel and 3-row design to start with and the games reels top you will be gifted with various symbols which are based on the western theme. These comprise a Stetson, cowboy boots pair, sheriffs’ badge and a hostler completes with Gun. Apart from these, there is a Wanted poster, which can be represented as wanted dead or alive and also a short glasses pair. These are all accompanied by the usual icons of the Q, K, J, A as well as 10 images, which have been created in western style.

Apart from these, you can also see that there are 9 different pay lines in total comprised of the reels. Though, if you are the sort of gamer who desires customizing the lines, then you can able to do that with the help of “Bet Lines” Button. Initially, you can able to customize between 1 and 4, secondly, it can be altered as €0.01 to €0.50 per line. Furthermore, if you increase the entire one, then you will be able to place a topmost wager of €18 for one spin. This can be done by using a Max Bet button, incase if you use Auto Button then your spin will be set in the same amount for 1000 consecutive times.

Stunning features that it holds:            

The reason behind its popularity is because of its tremendous features. One of the major features of Dead or Alive is Wanted poster, which is the wild icon and libero for rest of the icons on the reels, but not for scatter symbols. There is also the synchronization of sticky wilds in this as well, and also are represented by the samewanted dead or alive posters, however with normal cowboys on them. These are all only occurs as a portion of freespins round, during this round one or multiple stickys appearing on entire reels. The truth that you able to get sticky wilds will hold for all freespins round, and the truth that the concept is incorporated nicely into the game designers which is the most entertaining product.